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ProPilot: Ground School for tomorrow’s airline pilots

To be a pilot you will need to pass theory exams before you can fly commercially. ProPilot is the leading place for theory training (ground school) in the UK; not just to pass exams, but to learn, understand and retain the knowledge essential for your career.

When recruiting pilots, airlines look for the IATA competencies of knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA). That’s why all our courses offer unique theoretical knowledge training with a strong focus on KSA competencies. In addition, after completing Module 1, students can upgrade to the premium KSA ATPL(A) course for more indepth career preparation.

This new KSA course has been comprehensively developed with airlines to meet their specific training needs. Students participate in sim exercises, technical interviews, group exercises, project work, written essays and professional development days in addition to superbly taught theory lessons.

Our CPL and ATPL exam results are outstanding and have set the industry standard, but we don’t just care about your results. We will give you the most comprehensive ground school training available, vital professional development and you’ll graduate with a genuine pilot’s education, ready to impress employers with your knowledge, skill and attitude. ProPilot – helping you to be a pilot.


ProPilot at Coventry Airport: Your professional home

  • Interactive iBooks for iPad make learning simple
  • Classroom courses with current airline pilots
  • Professional development from industry experts
  • Unparalleled support for every student

ProPilot Theoretical Knowledge Courses: Leading the industry

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