Aircraft Automation Course

Congratulations on gaining a ME CPL/IR!  Now you are a qualified commercial pilot you will be planning to undertake a Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course before you apply for your first airline job.  You’ll also want to prepare for the most exciting and challenging hurdle yet; your first Type Rating.

Some pilots will have trained on aircraft with glass cockpit technology and autopilots, but many learn their craft with analogue cockpit displays and little automation. Many MCC courses do not cover automated flight deck systems; the purpose of MCC courses is to learn how to operate as part of a team on multi-crew aircraft.

For these reasons, the level of knowledge required to operate in an automated flight deck environment initially overwhelms many new pilots on their first Type Rating (TR) course. There is considerable pressure on students to pass both ground school and simulator elements of a TR. The steep learning curve is not surprising when you consider that most pilots have only experienced complex automatic flight control systems in theory, often through a printed training manual or occasionally via the medium of video.

A320 Fixed Base Systems Trainer

The A320 Fixed Base Systems Trainer (FBST) comprises a complete set of A320 controls and indicators. Aircraft systems are accurately modelled in software and work in conjunction with the hardware. This trainer will be used by our instructors to demonstrate how aircraft systems work in practice.

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B737NG Desktop Flight Training Device

The B737NG Desktop Flight Training Device (DFTD) comprises a 1:1 scale B737NG main instrument panel, complete with all controls, EFIS screens and standby instruments. A standalone hardware FMS CDU, control yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and 55” UHD 4K TV completes the set-up.

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A320 Multi-function Control and Display Unit Trainer

The A320 Multi-function Control and Display Unit (MCDU) trainer comprises a hardware MCDU and a monitor showing the EFIS displays. This trainer familiarises you with the A320 style FMS set up.

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Flight Planning Station

None of the hardware training devices can be used properly without a comprehensive flight plan and load sheet. So, naturally, we’ve provided a complete computer flight planning system!

The Course

To provide you with an introduction to automatic flight control systems before your type rating begins, Padpilot has developed a four-day course, full of practical learning experiences, using an A320 fixed base systems trainer, a B737NG desktop flight training device and other hardware that allows you to experience the automatic flight control systems used in modern airliners.

By the end of the course you will be able to program a flight plan and understand – and use – the systems involved during take-off, climb, cruise, descent, approach and landing.

The Aircraft Automation Course is not examined. It is supplemental education, designed to give you a comprehensive head start in aircraft automation in preparation for your type training.

You will begin type rating training confident in the knowledge you have the basics of aircraft automation already mastered, and can turn your full attention to learning the specifics of your first type rating and successfully beginning your new airline career.

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