B737NG Desktop Flight Training Device

The B737NG Desktop Flight Training Device (DFTD) has a 1:1 scale B737NG main instrument panel, complete with all controls, EFIS screens and standby instruments. Plus a standalone hardware flight management system control and display unit (FMS CDU), control yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and 55” UHD 4K TV which complete the experience.

The purpose of the B737NG DFTD is to practice methods and concepts for managing automatic flight. A number of pre-prepared scenarios on the ground and in the air can be loaded into the device. Each scenario represents a phase of flight requiring actions. For example, an early scenario has the ‘aircraft’ powered up ready for the crew to initialize the FMS and insert the route via the CDU.

As your skills build, you will practice engaging and disengaging automatic flight and auto-throttle modes, confirm the selection of various modes on the primary flight display and observe the operation of the aircraft under these modes.

During the course you will load several flight plans, performance data and then ‘fly’ the routes, managing the flights via the DFTD.

B737NG Sim in dark